Welcome to KazTrix Development Network.

By combining simplicity and intelligence we create a unique user experience.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality software and IT solutions with maximum end-user satisfaction.

We develop software applications and provide IT solutions to Financial Institutions, Government and other businesses.

We also develop and build native iOS apps under Mobilisize brand (Simply Intelligent Apps),  using AI & Machine learning technologies to advance functionality and to increase accuracy and efficiency.

Mobilisize Neural Machine Translation (MNMT) is a system that uses an artificial neural network to increase fluency and accuracy in translator apps.

Mobilisize Speech & Image recognition (MSIR) is a system that empowers our translator apps with Voice and Text-From-Image translation.

Mobilisize media production and sorting processes (MPSP) is a system that gathers content and verifies data pools for our News Apps.

Mobilisize position correction (MPC) is a system that enhances our GPS navigation apps by using dynamic data collection and manupulation to deliver more accurate positioning.

Mobilisize weather prediction (MWP) is a system that enhances our Weather Apps by manipulating vast data sets from multiple meteorology sources and improve the accuracy of real-time weather predictions.

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