KazTrix team has the expertise to successfully develop and implement projects for large or medium size corporations.

Our technological diversity in the IT industry allows us to operate across multiple fields, while our managerial expertise enables us to successfully undertake large projects.

We align ourselves with our client's business model in order to achieve solid results and objectives.

KazTrix has undertaken many projects in the areas of business applications development, databases, client-server, multi-tier applications, social network, online gaming/betting, web applications, e-Commerce, distributed data processing and a host of others.

Some of the projects undertaken and delivered by KazTrix:

Sector: Cloud Computing and management
Project: Mobilisize Translators
Scale: API development,  Cloud integration and management 

Sector: Digital Publishing, Advertising & Marketing
Project: Simply Intelligent Apps 
Scale: Admob SDK Integration & Monetization

Sector: Mobile App Development
Project: (App development powerhouse with over 170 monetized consumer and commercial apps on the Apple Store)
Scale: iOS App development and monetization 

Sector: Artificial Intelligence, AI Agents
Project:, Aiagentz,com
Scale: AI Agent application development including Agent Builder, AI search, digital DNA fingerprinting,  Agent Cloning & Distribution, Agent behaviour manager, AI brain factory, Datasets (Knowledge Bases)

Sector: Social Media
Project: Social Network Development
Scale: Clients integration and management. (

Sector: Pharmaceutical Enterprise
Project: Transactional based order processing and Warehouse Management System
Scale: Financial management; Workflow; Customer relation Management (CRM); Sales Order Processing; Warehouse Management; fulfillment and delivery system; Multi-branched data replication and processing.

Sector: Business and Consumer Software Application
Project: Artificial Intelligence Database & Information Management
Scale: Win32 application development; Integration of full scale database management and query system; Information Exchange System; Embedded Application Builder; Interactive animated agents; Smart portable query engine development using Artificial Intelligence search methods; Peer to Peer information management and communication system and manageable Speech Recognition System.

Sector: Database Applications
Project: Instabase Web-Ready, Kaztrix Data Builder & Publisher
Scale: Win32/64 application development & distribution

Sector: Web Portal
Project: Software fulfillment management, Product presentation and delivery, Reports, Statistics and backend communication server management.
Scale: Web center design and implementation, online database management, Secure archiving and retrieval, Human interaction development, forum and newsletter management, knowledge library, agents cataloging system.

Sector: Online Gaming
Project: Internet Poker Game System and Secure Transactions.
Scale: Complete online person-to-person poker game production; Multi-threaded distributed server application backend; On-demand poker room creation & user control management. Multi-user Client/Server administration system; Credit Management and processing.

Project: Online wagering system for Horse Racing.
Scale: Development of online sports book wagering system and management. Design and Implementation of sophisticated betting system. Event management and racing process. Secure account management, phone and Internet wager fulfillment.

Sector: Sales and Marketing
Project: Multilevel Marketing Management Application (MLM)
Scale: Multi-functional, highly customizable and effective server application for various affiliates systems. Data Distribution & Customer Management; Search Facilities; Commissions Calculations; Returns, Replacements, Exchanges; Inventory and Warehousing. 24/7 Online reporting system; Genealogy Management; System Security; Order Processing; Auto-shipment and Recurring; Sales Tax Management; Accounts Receivable; Email Broadcast Management.

Sector: Content Management
Project: Multilevel Marketing Management Application (MLM)
Scale: Content delivery; Customer Relationship Management of a large-scale online community. Search Facilities; Branded Mail server development; Community inventory system; Reporting and forecasting and more.

KazTrix has successfully completed a number of other projects. Besides software implementation, we have the experience of integration of existing systems with new technologies; knowledge of proprietary and open systems and how to make them work together; standardizing and streamlining information technology and find efficiencies across the enterprise.

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